We All Have a Story to Tell

Hear from academic workers and community leaders discussing the gender equity crisis in academia. When university administrations refuse to recognize democracy and bargain, they impede real recourse for addressing gender inequity and sexual harassment and assault.

Watch Congressman Keith Ellison at the African American Policy Forum in June discuss why grad workers need a real grievance process to address claims of sexual harassment and predation against their supervisors.

“A union gives us lasting power to demand the university does something.” Nearly half of graduate student women report being sexually harassed on campus in their graduate programs. This appalling trend must be addressed. Watch the highlights from GWC’s forum on sexual violence, gender inequity, and how to strengthen avenues of recourse.

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Watch the Harvard Graduate Student Union – UAW discuss campus sexual violence and its effects on grad students’ ability to learn, teach and do their research.

Watch Columbia grad workers at the¬†International Women’s Strike.