The Status Quo is Not Acceptable

Scientific American: Harassers Aren’t Brilliant Jerks, They’re Bad Scientists–and They Cost All of Us

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Sexual Harassment and Assault in Higher Ed: What’s Happened Since Weinstein

The New York Times Magazine: Have We Learned Anything From the Columbia Rape Case?

New York Times: After a Professor Is Cleared of Sexual Harassment, Critics Fear ‘Cultural Silence’ at Yale

Buzzfeed: “He Thinks He’s Untouchable”

The New York Times: Student Sues Columbia Over ‘Deliberate Indifference’ to Harassment Claims

LA Times: UC Berkeley astronomer accused of sexually harassing students resigns

Huffington Post: Harvard Forced Sexual Assault Victim To Live By Abuser, Lawsuit Claims

New York Times: Sexual Harassment Charges Roil Elite University Department

Medium: Dear UW Administration: We’re hoping you’ll support us

NY Daily News: Columbia student claims she was sexually assaulted twice inside her dorm room

Boston Globe: BC graduate says school mishandled sex-assault case

NY Daily News: Geologist accused of sexually harassing two Boston University graduate students in Antarctica

Business Insider: University of Chicago professor says her alleged ‘sexual predator’ colleague never should have been hired

Reuters: Student sues Columbia University over response to reports of rape

USA Today: ‘Joke’ rape confession rocks Boston College

Science Mag: Disturbing allegations of sexual harassment in Antarctica leveled at noted scientist

Inside Higher Ed: ‘Zero Tolerance Mind-set’

The New York Times: Former Student Sues Harvard Over Handling of Sexual Crimes Complaints

Chicago Tribune: U. of C. professor quits after university sexual misconduct investigation

NPR: Harvard Survey Highlights Attitudes About Campus Sexual Assault

Buzzfeed: Here’s How Geoff Marcy’s Sexual Harassment Went On For Decades

Business Insider: University of Chicago professor says her alleged ‘sexual predator’ colleague never should have been hired

Academic Workers Are Organizing for Real Recourse

The Seattle Times: Pay, sexual-harassment issues at stake as UW grad students vote to authorize strike

The Washington Post: Columbia student protesting campus rape carries mattress during graduation

The Harvard Crimson: A Call Against Complicity

Ms. Blog: Grad Students are Unionizing to Fight Campus Sexual Assault

Medium: Short-Term Appointments Make UC Postdocs Vulnerable to Sexual Harassment

SLOG: Postdoctoral Researchers at the University of Washington Are Trying to Start a Union Because Their Lives Suck

Huffington Post: UC Must Make Good on Commitment to Fix Gender Equity Policies

Sacramento Bee: UC must have zero tolerance for sexual harassment

Huffington Post: UC Must Prioritize Prevention and Protection in its Sexual Harassment Policy

Boston Globe: Graduate students push BU on sexual harassment complaints

Her Campus: Boston University Students Protest Against Sexual Harassment

The Quad: BU Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

BU Today: Workers Union Rally Against Sexual Harassment

The Daily Californian: Postdoctoral union hosts teach-ins on sexual harassment

Science Mag: A push for stronger sexual harassment policies at the University of California

Nature: Scientists’ sexual-harassment case sparks protests at University of Rochester

Inside Higher Ed: In wake of scandals, U of California strengthens faculty policies against sexual harassment and assault

Elite Daily: UConn Graduate Student Union Helps Handle Sexual Harassment

Nature: Securing workplace rights for scientists in the age of Trump

NBC Connecticut: 2 Yale Students Expelled Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Inside Higher Ed: U. of Connecticut to pay $1.3 million to settle sexual assault lawsuit

Hartford Courant: UConn Expelled Seven Students On Sexual Assault Charges in 2014

Medium: Pregnancy Discrimination in Science (and Why We Need Unions)

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